Introduction: Hide Things in a Bar of Soap - (Made for a Hidden Spaces Contest Long Lost)

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Items Needed:

- A bar of Soap
- Item to hide like USB Drive or small things
- Cling Film
- A spoon
- A knife
- A hair Dryer
- Glue
- Workshop near a wash basin


- Wrap up your item in lots of cling film, as it might get wet (Hopefully never)
CAUTION - We shall be making the the soap wet so make sure your item is water proof

-Dig a trench in your soap bar using a spoon or a knife and keep the shavings.Mash them into smaller pieces
-Bury your item inside the soap bar.
-Fill up the remaining cavity of the soap bar with the shavings.
-Make the soap wet by putting some water over it.
-Using a dryer and a spoon smooth-en the soap bar as best as you can(perfection difficult for me)
- if needed, make it wet again and compress dry it again
-After it looks satisfactorily normal and totally dried put it back in its packing.
-Glue the package back and keep it safely inside your dresser or toilet kit

For extracting the item, dont have a bath with it :) , use a knife or the end of a spoon.
For remembering which soap bar it was, glue the packing as tightly as you can so that wrestling it might help you remember
and try to use a different brand of soap so that you remember this was the itemized soap bar.

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