Drop-Proof Hard Disk

Introduction: Drop-Proof Hard Disk

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Hi ,

Its not a good thing to drop a hard-disk.I know because I've lost years of information on bad sectors & dropping them accidentally.

I dropped my hard-disk recently Again ,so went to the market to buy some sort of protective cover,but couldn't find any alternative than developing one on my own.

Please forgive the untidiness as I'm not very good at presentation of my ideas.

Step 1: What You Need

What you need.

- Sizable Piece of corrugated cardboard (New or reuse from a box)

- Small pieces of thin Foam

- Blade

- Cello Tape / Duct tape

Step 2: Cutting the Layout

Cut the the foam into thin strips.We don't want to cover it fully as we want the HDD to be as ventilated as possible.

Lay your hard-disk onto the piece of cardboard with the foam strips underneath.

Mark the placement of the hard-disk and cut appropriately according to your hard-disk size.

The space in the center is so that the HDD is as ventilated as it would be without our cover.

Step 3: Packaging It in One Direction

Keeping the hard-disk on two pieces of foam as shown in the picture,Wrap it up to measure the exact length.

It would take some heavy pressing & holding as the cardboard doesn't bend that easily.

Cut off the extra sidings and wrap it up with tape.

Step 4: Finishing the Packaging

Now we need to cover the USB part of the hard disk first.

After adding foam to the USB port side of the HDD, bend the cardboard as shown in the image and tape it up.

Now push the hard-disk as deep as you can and check if the USB cable fits.

After checking,put the last piece of foam as shown in the image and tape it up.

This cardboard and foam packaging should be good to protect your hard-disk from serious impact.

Happy Holidays & God Bless You.


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    8 years ago on Introduction

    hard disk have moving parts a series of plates that spin at very high rmp with an arm with many read heads that go between the plates. The plates are damaged by the read arm hitting the plates when it is running you little cardboard box will protect from dings and dents but offers no real protection for the parts of the drive that really matter. back in high school and middle school we did egg drop contest the most effective method was making a box and a little box for the egg and have the little box suspended with elastics. if you really need to protect from drops this is the way to go you need to prevent the shock to the drive. while the drive is off ding and bangs heck even throwing it at a wall or floor will do very little to no real damage to the drive those cases dont realy matter they are a dime a dozen its the drive that needs to be protected


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction


    I totally agree with you on the delicate high rpm moving parts theory.

    On the egg safety theory,I cant comment as I'v never tried that method,But thinking about it about it tells me that

    -its gonna be bulky

    -a bit difficult to access the USB port

    -to suspend the HDD in a box,I need to enclose it first in order to avoid sticky tape marks.I could cover it in cling film or wrap but that MIGHT not good for the overall cooling of the HDD.

    This wasn't a crash test, but now il try to make it as drop proof as I can,but it wont be pretty.

    BUT I still cant guarantee the safety of the internals of the HDD, so we shall drop it gently ;)

    Please let me know what you think, Thanks