Introduction: Concrete 10 Commandments Tablets

These tablets are engraved with markings that resemble the 10 commandments. You can set them up anywhere you want (maybe not in the house though...) and show your family!


(These materials can be found at The Home Depot)

Vinyl Garage Door Siding

Ultra Cover Flat Acrylic Latex Black Paint

Rust-Oleum Silver Glitter Spray Paint

Debris Brush

Quikrete Quick-Setting Cement Concrete Mix

Duct Tape

Fine paintbrush

Plastic sheeting

Silicone or calking

Concrete mixing tool

A very sharp knife (Might not be at The Home Depot)

Step 1: Cutting the Siding

Begin by taking out your Garage Door siding. Take a sharp knife and cut the siding in half, and then cut a small piece out of each half. LOOK at the picture to see how small the piece should be.

Step 2: Taping Together the Mould

Take out your duct tape! You're gonna tape the smaller pieces to the bigger pieces and make two moulds. First, bend the larger pieces so that the outside edge of the angle has a single line, and the intricate design edge is on the inside. Start taping the small to the large at different spots. Put tape across the middle, on the inside and outside of the corners, an extra layer on the outside corners, and you can also put the tape in other places to keep it together. The tape in the middle should run across the extra flexible side of the siding.

Step 3: Getting Ready for the Concrete

Spread out the plastic sheeting so that it's flat, and then place the two moulds on it, making sure that the tape is on the bottom. After that, squeeze silicone or calking onto the stiffer of the siding and make sure to get all of the spots without gaps. Now you're gonna flip the mould upside down, and stick it to the plastic sheeting.

Step 4: Mixing the Concrete

Pour water into your concrete powder, and start mixing it a lot.

Step 5: Flattening Out the Concrete

Put water into your concrete until it can pour out, and then pour it evenly between the top and bottom sections of each mould. After that's done, take a few minutes to flatten all the concrete out evenly.

Step 6: Writing

Once you finished flattening it out (Which should take 5-7 minutes,) start to draw with a toothpick. On one tablet, write Roman numerals 1-5, and on the other one write 6-10. Draw squiggly lines instead of actual commandments because you won't have enough time. Make sure that your writing is deep and at least a little bit thick. Brush off little concrete bits to make your writing easier to see. This step should take 10-15 minutes.

Step 7: Drying

Wait 3-4 hours for it to dry outside.

Step 8: Dusting Off Debris

Take the mould off, and then take out your debris brush. Start to brush back and forth on the tablets, making sure all of the debris gets off.

Step 9: Spray Painting

Take out your metallic spray paint, and start to paint the tablets. If you buy the brand listed in the supplies section, it might be a little hard to spray, so just keep on shaking it. Make sure not to spray paint in one spot too much. Keep the spray paint bottle moving around.

Step 10: Emphasizing the Writing

This step is optional but makes the tablets look WAY better. Take out your paintbrush and your black paint, and then paint inside your engravings. Don't paint outside the engravings, or else it won't look realistic.

Step 11: Showing Them Off

Finally, carefully pick up your tablets by the bottom (which should be very smooth) and move them somewhere in your front yard or backyard. Now you have an amazing concrete decoration to show your friends and family!

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