Introduction: Frankenstein Gummies

If you're reading this, that must mean you want to become a mad scientist! No? Fine then, you can still make these, but beware, they might come to life...


Bag (Preferably Large) of Haribo Gummies

Butter Knife

Cutting Board

The Ability To Read English

Step 1: The Start of the Experiment

First of all, make sure you have gummy bears of different colors. Once you've done, that, you can dive straight into the experiment! A lot of people who work for me quit when they saw this part of the experiment: The BEHEADING!!! Take a butter knife, and saw off the heads with a back and forth motion. Something that helps me get the job done quickly, is to pinch the body while cutting off the head.

Step 2: The Second Part of the Experiment

So you're still here, are you? Most people don't last this long. Alright, so next you're going to sort the heads from the bodies. You don't need to organize it as I did, but it helps prevent explosions and the occasional Gummy Apocalypse.

Step 3: The Final Step of the Experiment

Now to create your Franken-Gummies!!! Get it? Like, Frankenstein and Gummies: Franken-Gummies? Oh... never mind. Anyway, connect each of the heads to a gummy of a different color. Push them together for a few seconds, and they should stick together. And remember, always be alert. You never know when one of these could come to life and... oh I don't know... TURN YOU INTO A GUMMY BEAR! Have Fun!

- Professor Von Tundrix

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