Introduction: Concrete Bathroom Sink

This project originated when I was looking for a sink and due to the quarantine there weren´t. so I decided to carry out this project.



Fine sand.

Spoon or stick.



ceramic bonding mixture.


small ceramics.

Step 1: Mold

I used a wok lid for the mold. I recommend that they cover the surface on which they work with bags.

Step 1. If there is anything on the wok lid, remove it after cover the lid with the bags.

Step 2: Concrete Mixture

The formula of the mixture is one part of cement one of sand and the consistency is like a normal mixture but a little more solid. I recommend using special tools for cement.

Step 3: Construction

Place the small seramics as you like and put the drain on the top of the lid. Finally add the concrete mixture and the fiber tape like the picture.

Step 4: Shape

Put on gloves and start shaping the sink with the cement shovel, make the hole for the drain and ready now let it rest for 5 days.

Step 5: Ending

After 5 days the sink will be ready for the ceramic bonding mixture with any pigment.

The result should be like the last two photos which are from the same project but a year ago.

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