Introduction: Concrete Egg Stand

This is my first ever concrete project.I have no previous experience working with concrete.Some how I was determined to try out some thing for my kitchen.
But what? What can I do?So I started exploring my kitchen wondering if I could get some idea. Then all of a sudden I spotted my egg tray in the fridge which triggered me up to do this concrete egg stand.So why not let's give it a go and ended up having so much of fun.The final result was excellent and I am so happy to have done this.

Step 1: Requirements

You'll need all these stuffs to make the concrete egg stand

For the mold -An empty egg carton - when you buy eggs you get them in these cartons

Concrete mix or cement and sand -(I used cement and sand)

A bucket /plastic container to mix the concrete
A wooden stick -to mix

A pair of gloves - to wear


Duct tape


6 eggs

White glue

Small piece of felt

Gold spray paint

Step 2: Make the Mold

I gathered alot of information from different concrete projects and internet ,which was very useful for my first concrete project.

Making the mold for this egg stand is pretty easy.Eggs are sold in a cartons in supermarkets.I bought a six eggs pack which is already the main mould for 6 eggs.

Open the carton cut into two.Use the bottom part of it where the egg shape is.Wrap the bottom of the carton with duct tape to prevent any leakage.

On the top cut the pointing 2 piece to the same level of the box.Place the two cut pieces upside down into the hole and cover with duct tape OR you can just have the pointing piece as it is.(then paste duct tape at the bottom)

Step 3: Concrete and Egg Mix

Concrete and egg mix. Ah! what a combination...This is an awesome project.

First wear your gloves....

Then mix the cement and sand together well, and then add water little by little to get the correct consistence.Not too thin or too thick. I mixed two parts sand to one and a half part cement.

Fill the mold with the concrete mix,immediately start placing the eggs on the mold.You will have to do it slowly by rotating the eggs to go right down..Do it as fast as possible before the concrete gets harden. If necessary level the concrete on top with a flat object.

At this step I couldn't take any pictures as I was using both my hands .....Sorry about it.

In 20 minutes remove the eggs slowly by rotating left to right with out damaging the sides of the concrete to get the nice round shape.If you delay .... to remove the eggs on time,you will end up frying the eggs with the concrete...

Allow the concrete to cure overnight.This is very important.

Step 4: Have a Break With an Omlette

No worries! In the mean time wash the eggs and have an Omlette before you start cleaning up the mess.

Step 5: De-Molding the Concrete Mold

After the concrete dries completely, carefully remove the duct tape and the cardbord. This can be removed easily.You can sand the sharp edges or any uneven surface using the sand paper.

Step 6: Gold Wash

Look at the first image..I tried out three colors at the bottom of the egg stand .Metalic,bronz and dull gold.I prefered the dull gold,and sprayed the whole egg stand with gold spray..Using spray paint is much more easier than painting.It dries up within afew minutes.

Step 7: Glue Felt

To avoid scratches on your kitchen table top, cut small pieces of felt and glue it at the bottom.

Step 8: Placing the Eggs

I am quiet happy with my concrete egg stand.In my future food instructables I will use this egg stand for the photograps.

If you think this is good enough please vote in Concrete and Glue contest once it is accepted.

Thank you for taking time to read my project !!

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