Introduction: Stylish Hat

Sewing is a great hobby of mine.Lately I started sewing my own hats, because the store bought ones are expensive. I use the balance fabric from my dresses.All you need is just 3/4 meter even for a bigger size hat.

If it is printed fabric pieces you can always join them as in printed fabrics the joins are not very visible.

This instructable will show you step by step as how to sew a stylish hat.This project can be done in a day as it is very easy to sew.

Step 1: Gather Your Requirements

Cotton Fabric

Thread to match



Pencil (option)

Any paper to make the block


Old hat or a new hat brim


Measuring tape

Sewing Machine

Step 2: Paper Block

Spread out a sheet of paper and mark 26" Height + 26" Width.
Mark A, B and C. Connect A to B and cut out the block.

This is a standard measurement for a hat. For those who want a bigger size,you can increase the height and width of the fabric.Maximum 30" would do.

Step 3: Cut Fabric

Spread the Fabric right side upwards,Keep the block,pin and cut the the fabric,and also a 2" width of a straight band /cross piece. Mark the middle of the fabric. This measurement includes sewing allowances too.

Step 4: Brim

Unpick the brim of the old hat.Leave the old covering and stitches as it is,cut the edge of the brim to neaten it.

Step 5: Cut Fabric

Fold the fabric in to two, place the brim of the hat on the wrong side of the fabric and draw an outline right round to get the image. You will get two pieces.Sew along the marked dotted line.

Step 6: Insert Brim

Turn inside out,iron the crease and insert the brim.

Now pull very tightly hand sew around the bottom part of the brim. By hand sewing the brim, it will be intact in place and also it is easy to attach the fabric and it will be neat too.

Step 7: Attach Together

Fold the fabric 1/4 inch inward to the wrong side, keep it over the brim just in the middle and pin it first.Then again hand sew to attach both together. By doing this it will be easy to sew in the machine and will stay in place while sewing.

Step 8: Cross Band

Make sure to pin the cross band and hand sew the third time before you sew them together by machine.This is a curved brim ,so it is very difficult to sew by machine.There for I advice to hand sew only the brim area.

Step 9: Top Stitch

Sew a top stitch on the right side.

Step 10: Complete Cross Band

On the wrong side cut away the excess fabric leaving 1/2 an inch.Fold and sew the cross band.

Step 11: Final Stitches

Fold 1/2 an inch on both sides and sew the hem to complete the project.

Step 12: Show Off

Mix and match two colors to sew a stylish easy sew hat.

Thank you for viewing my project.

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