Introduction: Fabric Storage Boxes (Washable)

These are custom made washable fabric storage boxes which I sewed for an order.This is my first try out which turned out very well.Instead of cardboard I used plywood. Several times I had to insert the plywood and remove it, to make sure that every one understands well by seeing the images..I made four boxes. Once you know the technique it is pretty easy to sew these boxes.

Step 1: Requirements

Cotton Fabric

Sewing scissors

Matching thread

Measuring tape


Sewing needle



Pen or Pencil


Tracing wheel

1mm Plywood sheet

Step 2: Measurements

The measurement of these washable Fabric boxes are ..

Height - 14.7"

Length - 21"

Width - 11"

The plywood is already cut to the above measurements

2 Pieces / length - 14.7" x 21"

2 pieces / Width - 14.7"x11"

1 piece inner board -14.7" x 21"

Step 3: Fold / Cut

This is the total measurement of the box - Two lengths,two widths and sewing allowance 1" - 21 +21+ 11+11+1

In total 65".

Fold lengthwise, wrong side inwards.The length is exactly 65".

Upper piece of the fold.mark the height of the box 14.7" + 1" sewing allowance -15.7". This is the inner side of the box. Bottom piece of the fold mark the height 14.7" + extra 2" for sewing allowance -16.7". This is the outer side of the box. Cut the fabric.

Step 4: Join

Open out the cut fabric and fold into two.The height is 32.4" .Join one side (1/2 "). Mark A & B.

Step 5: Creasing

Turn inside out to the right side and iron and crease ends marked A & B.( A is where the join is)

Step 6: Inward Folding

Now fold inwards, the inner piece is 15.7" and the outer piece is 16.7". The fold (pinned) part is the mouth of the box,where there is no Joins.Please refer the images,to understand clearly.

Step 7: Marking

Turn the inner side out and mark the following.

From A measure 11" and mark C.This is one side of the width of the box.Measure bottom as well and mark a straight line.I have pinned it straight.From B measure 11" and mark D .(Turn to other side and mark D)This is also the width of the box.Now sew a straight line on A , B, C ,and D to bottom marking up to 14.7"

A to C and B to D are the width of the box 11". C to B and D to A are the length of the box 21"

Step 8: Insert Boards

Now you have four section to insert the plywood boards.The 16.7"side comes out and the 15.7" side is the inside of the box.While inserting the board if you find it difficult,take a sand paper and slightly sand it.

**Inserting the board is only at the end of sewing.But I show some images to understand clearly

Step 9: Bottom Pieces

Cut 2 pieces to the measurements of length and width - 21" x 11" for the bottom. ( Leave extra for sewing allowance.) Mark 1/2 an inch on all four sides for sewing allowance.Trace out the 2nd one.

Step 10: Bottom Piece

It is difficult to continue sewing with the board inserted.

Remove the board and start pinning (width to width / length to length) one of the bottom piece to the inner layer of the fabric.There is 1" sewing allowance on the fabric and 1/2 an inch on the bottom piece.Cut of excess.

Once you pin the bottom piece hand sew removing the pins.Finally use the sewing machine to sew the four sides neatly.Fold in 1/2 an inch and sew the outer fabric edges on all four sides.

Step 11: Attach Velcro

On the 2nd bottom piece attach one side of the Velcro on all four sides,leaving 1/2 an inch from sewing allowance.Sew this over the first bottom piece just like the previous step. The Velcro should face out side.

Fold 1" inwards on the outer fabric and attach the 2nd part of the Velcro.

Step 12: Hooks

Pull and paste the Velcro on all four sides.Sew hooks on all four corners.

Step 13: Support Board

Sew a cover for the inner support board (21" x11") insert the plywood board and hand sew the edge.You can also use Velcro to remove and wash.Once the removable bottom board is fixed the box is very steady.

Step 14: Handles

Cut a fabric piece to the length of your choice fold into two and join.Turn inside out and sew top stitches on all sides.Sew them by hand on both sides.These are sewn ONLY on the outer fabric just for beauty.

**Please note ** Can not put weight and carry with the handle.

Step 15: Completed

There is no join or sewing on top four sides.It is just the fold. Instead of Velcro,can use zip all around the edges.I am not a zippy person,as I find attaching the Velcro is much easier.

Don't you think they are awesome to remove and wash when ever it is dirty?I hope you love this idea.

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