Introduction: Concrete Smiling Stones

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Did you just do a double take?! Yup, this is not your typical halloween decor but it's perfect as it will create some giggles and maybe even screams! Better yet, they will last forever since they are concrete and are so easy that you can make a bunch for pennies once you have the mold. I have a lot of unique concrete projects on my site:

Step 1: Step #1 - Gather Your Supplies and Cast Your Teeth

You will need:

  • Denture Shape silicone ice mold
  • RapidSet Cementall concrete or similar (mixing tools/vessel, gloves & dust mask)
  • Tin foil
  • Hot Glue Gun & glue sticks
  • Duct Tape
  • Acrylic paint (white, black, yellow, blue & red)
  • Clear acrylic Gloss medium optional
  • Acrylic Pearlizing Medium
  • brushes, water
  • metal zippers (longer can be cut) & scissors
  • Palette knife or similar

If you are new to concrete crafting I have a 'tips and tricks 'page on my site to get you started

Step #1: Make the teeth
Mix a small amount of the concrete mix with water (use caution and wear gloves and a dust mask when working with concrete). This RapidSet Cementall sets very quickly; in only a few minutes and does not require as much water. It is recommended to add the water first and then add the dry mix. It can be mixed in a fairly fluid consistency. Fill the silicone molds and tap well to remove the bubbles in the teeth and have the concrete flatten.

It will be unmoldable in one hour.

Step 2: Step #2 - Paint the Teeth

You could leave it as is or give it some realism by painting it.

To mix a flesh tone mix some white and red acrylic paint, add some yellow, and then a tiny bit of blue. Compare it to the colour of your hands, but a bit more pink.

You can be fussy or not. The inside won’t be seen, nor the back.

I added a bit of gloss medium to make it ‘saliva-shiny’. Even a bit of acrylic pearlizing medium makes the teeth shine. You can’t help but chuckle through this…

Step 3: Step #3 - Glue Top to Bottom

To set the upper and lower teeth I separated them a bit and glued with hot glue at the molars. This won’t be seen so be sure it holds well by filling with hot glue.

To prevent anything getting in the mouth opening I taped the back closed with duct tape.

Step 4: Step #4 - Making the Form & Zipper

Any length of zipper can be used as long as it is enough for the smile. The excess can be cut off. Use some old zippers from discarded clothes, as the colour does not matter. The 2 open ends of the zipper need some gluing together. You can adjust the smile as you like.

Glue the top and bottom at the centre point. I leave the sides loose to build up with some concrete ‘cheeks’.

From my sculpting days I learnt to use tin foil as a bulking agent. It is great since it can be formed easily and is quite stiff. Make the shape you prefer and glue to the teeth. Add more if needed. You can now imagine how it will look. Be creative, as stones come in all sizes and shapes.

I tuck a bit of the foil around the zipper to keep everything snug before I start with the concrete.

Step 5: Step #5: the Concrete

Using the same concrete, this time mix it to a thicker consistency. I find that it will slightly stiffen in about 30 seconds and be quite moldable and able to hold it’s shape. I do really love this stuff

It’s not a mystery what to do next. Cover the form with the concrete and work your way around. It can be a round type of stone or more angular. Poke it, put dents & holes. The more rough the better and realistic it will look. It will start to get firm after a couple of minutes or so.

At that point I will start to get fussier and finish the ‘lip’ edges. I like to use a painter’s palette knife as it’s thin and flexible. ‘Smear’ the mix up carefully to where the zipper teeth are. You can also brush any concrete off with a brush and water if need be. Try to keep the zipper pull clean.
Trust me, it’s not that hard at all…

Step 6: Step #6: Finishing the Colour

Yup, I am always in a hurry. I figure if the paint is added earlier it can sink into the concrete even better. I mix a bit of black acrylic paint with a tiny bit of concrete and brush it on very loosely. You could also just paint it on.

Let it run and be mottled. The mix tends to be a very light white colour if no staining is done.

Laugh out loud! These guys make me chuckle.

Step 7: Step #7 - Place Them in Great Spots...

So, now what? You can put them in the garden, add them discreetly between the rockery and make someone jump. Halloween is perfect to add them to the garden or anywhere to surprise people. Even in planters. Concrete is such a great media since it is easily obtainable and does not need fancy tools.

Check out my site for many more DIY projects or Concrete Projects

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