Introduction: Constellation Embroidery Light Switch

Learn how to light up your constellation embroidery!

Step 1: Gather Your Materials!

You will need some materials. First, you will need basic embroidery tools: embroidery ring, a few pieces of fabric, blue watercolor, thread, and needles. Second, you will need an Attiny 45, conductive thread, hot glue, solder, and soldering iron.

Step 2: Start Embroidering Your Constellation Embroidering

It can be any design. You can start on the web for different design inspirations. I had a white fabric so I watercolored my fabric blue. You can do the same or just buy a blue colored fabric.

Step 3: Build Your Circuit on Another Fabric

You can either stitch up your circuit with conductive thread, using this circuit or using conductive fabric to make the circuit. Make sure you mark the places you want the LED to go and make sure it aligns with the constellation embroidery. I have a total of two LEDs.

Step 4: Attiny Set-up

Set up your Attiny by using an AVR programmer and upload your code to the Attiny.

Step 5: Solder the Important Places

Solder your Attiny and the resistors and places you think are susceptible to break. I also soldered the 3-vott battery to my circuit. I hot-glued the circuit fabric to the embroidery.

Step 6: Then It's Done!

When you touch the thread at the bottom the of embroidery, it will light up one star at the bottom. And when you connect the thread on the top, it will light up another star on top!

Step 7: Done! Light Up Your Stars!