Introduction: Contact Guard Ring

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DISCLAIMER: The statements and descriptions bellow are my own and not substantiated by any medical tests or medical facts. I take no responsibility for the any damage or illness of any kind due to use of this device. Use air your own risk.

In the era of viruses like COVID-19 we all need to stay as far away as we can from any surfaces that could potentially be the host to viruses. This simple Contact Guard Ring can be used to press most button like elevator or pedestrian crossing.


  • Autodesk Fusion 360 (or any other good 3D design software)
  • 3D Printer + Filament
  • Design time: under 5min

Step 1: 3D Design

This is a very simple design which starts with a circle.

1. Draw another circle, offset by 3mm from your previous circle. This will form the bassist's of the ring.

2. Draw a rectangular shape extending from the top of your outer circle. Use straight lines for tis purpose.

3. Optionally add a slot in the extended part of the ring. I did this to make the whole design lighter looking and use less filament.

The last steps are the simplest.

4. Extrude the outer part of your ring shape.

5. Add filets to your edges so that the finished product does not have any sharp edges and slides on and off your finger easily.

Step 2: 3D Printing

To print this design I used a Prusa i3 MK3 printer with a textured build plate, however any quality 3D printer will do the job. I used 3D Fillies PLA+ filament in Marble colour. I like this filament because the finished product looks more professional.

This design is so simple that you don't need any supports when printing. I printed this in 0.2mm 20% infill. It prints in less than 30min.

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