Introduction: Continuous Cardboard Marble Run

I found this idea of a marble run that went around continuously as you cranked the handle and thought that it would be fun to make. This project wasn't to hard and had a great outcome.


  1. Cardboard
  2. Wire
  3. Glue
  4. A knife
  5. A ruler
  6. Pliers
  7. Small round sticks
  8. A staple gun( this is optional)

Step 1: The First Part of the Wheel

The first part you make is the wheel. At first you cut out a circle with a thirteen and a half cm radius circle and two seven and a half cm radius circles. Then you glue the two little circles on either side of the big circle in the center. Next you cut out twelve strips of wire that are fourteen cm long. With these pieces you bend them in half and than in a third at ninety degrees as shown in the picture. Once these are done you put them on the wheel six and a half cm apart and glue them down.

Step 2: Second Part of the Wheel

After you finished the first part you cut out a fifteen cm radius circle with a five cm by sixteen cm square sticking out of it. Then you cut this piece in half and put a hole the size of your stick in the center of both of them, half a cm from the edge. Next you cut out four pieces ,for your handle, that are eleven cm long , three cm wide on one ,and and one cm long on the other end. Then you glue these pieces together and put a hole on both sides of it. Finally you put it together by putting the spoked circle in the middle , the half circle on both side the handle on the right side, and put a stick through the center to hold it all together. For finishing touches put a stick sicking out of the end of the handle, cut a three by three cm hole on the top corner of the left half circle, on the opposite side of the hole in the inside glue a five cm by a one cm flap so that the marble falls off as it comes around, and glue the base of the wheel to the corner of a twenty-five by thirty cm board.

Step 3: The Wall

Next you make the wall which you glue to the left side of the half circle. First cut out a thirty by twenty-five cm square. Then you cut out two twenty-five by two cm strips and glue them together, two six by two cm strips and glue them together( make four of these), a four by two cm piece and a two by two cm piece(glue the small piece in the middle of the big on), cm a two by two cm piece, and one by three cm piece. Glue all these pieces to the big board as shone in the picture besides the T shapes piece put a stick in the middle so it turns as a marble drops on it.

Step 4: The Bowl and Railing

For this part cut out a piece that is fourteen by fourteen cm and stripe the piece so that one side is paper thin and the other has ribs. With the paper piece cut a seven cm radius circle with hole in the middle for a marble to go through. Then cut a line to the center and fold it over so that it is like a shallow bowl. With the ribbed side cut a ten by ten cm piece and glue it in a cylinder. Cut a notch on the top and put a piece of cardboard in the the hole, then glue the bowl like piece on top of the cylinder.

Next you make the railing. First I drew out a odd shaped Y( there are no exact measurements for this beside it is two cm wide), then a five cm radius circle with a three cm radius hole in the middle, and a fifteen by two cm strip. Once they are cut you cut a lint to the center of the circle and glue one side to the Y and the other side to the straight line. Then you cut a bunch of two cm strips that are striped of the paper so the ribs are showing. With these strips you rail the cylinder and the railing you just made( I glued then stapled these so i wouldn't have to wait four the glue to dry.

Step 5: Put It All Together

Now you put the pieces altogether as shown in the picture. There is no exact place they go but they should fall in place. For some finally touches cut two twelve by two cm strips, glue them together and put it from the wall to the cylinder. Also put a little porch out of the cut out on the wheel for the marble to drop off. Finally put some marbles on the bottom of the wheel and start cranking the handle.

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