Introduction: Control RGB Light With Computer Color Palatte

Hi guys in this instructable i'm gonna teach you how to control a RGB light with computer color palatte..
you can produce almost all colors in RGB light as your wish with the help of color palatte..

Step 1: Components Required

The materials required are

  • RGB light
  • Resistor (220 ohm)
  • wires
  • wire cutter and wire stripper
  • USB cable

Step 2: Circuit Diagram

The connections are too simple. you just need to connect the RGB led with arduino pins 1,2 and 3 and connect the cathode of the led to GND with a series resistor of 220 ohm.

Step 3: CODE and VB Application

download arduino code and VB application from the link provided below
code and VB application

note: As i connected RGB LED with 3,5 and 6 pins,i declared them as output pins in setup function....please change change them per your need.

  1. Upload the using arduino IDE and run the VB application
  2. click color picker and select your desired color to be produced with RGB led.
  3. click write serial button and see the MAGIC.......!!!!
  4. In the COM port box write the com port where your is connected.(you can check it in device manager)

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