Introduction: Control a Lot of Servoes With Arduino!

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We know, an Arduino UNO has not much pwm pins to control many servoes. So, we often fall in a problem to control more servoes by an arduino. Today, I will explain you how can you control a lot of servoes woth arduino. So, let's started.

Step 1: Gather Materials

You will must need an arduino, you know. Then, you will need a breakout board for pwm pins. It's name is TLC5940 breakout board. Here is the list -

1. Arduino UNO R3

2. TLC5940 breakout board

3. 5 volt adapter

4. As much servo as you want to control

That's all!

Step 2: Circuit Diagram

Here is the circuit. Connect them by jumper cables.

Step 3: More Servoes!

You can connect only 16 servoes with a TLC5940 breakout board. But if you want to control more servoes you can follow this circuit diagram. And now, controlling a lot of servoes is not will be a matter to you. Will not it!

Step 4: Thanks!

But you should not stop here. You can make a humanoid robot and more by this idea!! Here is an URL for making humanoid robot

Thanks a lot!

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