Introduction: My First Pitop

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You will not believe that after I built this, I couldn't find the main board. It is too small. And you can make a android version of it simply. I spent about 15$. So, let's build it.

Step 1: Metarials

A little amount of materials will be needed.

  1. Raspberry pi zero
  2. A sd card, minimum of 8gb
  3. HDMI screen with HDMI to mini HDMI cable
  4. 5 volt adapter
  5. USB sound box.
  6. Keyboard and mouse and usb hub.

All things cost 20$

Step 2: Managing Raspberry Pi

You can buy raspberry pi zero from raspberry pi official website.

Download raspbian os from here:

Now, input the sd card with card reader in your pc. Use SD CARD FORMATTER to write it on the sd card. The best way is to follow README.txt to write and install raspbian os.

Step 3: Connecting Cables

Here is a picture.

Input sd card in the red circled slot.

Input HDMI cable in the black circled.

Input usb hub cable in violet circled.

Input power cable in the green circled.


Step 4: Adding Keyboard, Mouse and Screen

Just plug wirh usb cable. You will need to power the screen with cable. Or it will not work.

Step 5: Adding Speaker and Microphone

You will need an audio adaptor. Connect it to the hub and then connect speaker and microphone.

Step 6: That's All

My compurt was looking like this.

You can make a box to give it a look of real computer.

Don't stop here. You can make many things from it.

Here are some url.

Thank you.

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