Introduction: Control Your Computer With You Iphone/ Ipod Touch V2

In the past few months people having been asking me about the problems they have encountered with the software provided in my last Apple to Windows based Instructable. I have found some new software called Jaadu VNC, this allows you to do the same but with better quality and performance. Firstly I'm not going to brag about the price because it is in the App store for almost $25 or 15 pounds for my UK audience and seems like a lot of money to pay for this but in my opinion it's the best Application I've ever paid for. If your not sure about paying for it don't get or if you have bought and don't like it I'm sorry it hasn't lived up to your expectations.

Step 1: Getting Started

If you are thinking of purchasing this software all you need to do is go onto your Iphone/ Ipod touch visit the App store and search the word Jaadu. After that 3 products should appear and then click the one that says Jaadu VNC. Then just install and wait till its an Application. You should now have the Jaadu symbol appear on your Iphone/ Ipod touch.

Step 2: The Tricky Stuff

Now you are ready to install the much needed software onto your computer.

If you have a Window Operating System
Please visit

Step 1 Installing the Server

Ultra VNC
Pros: Great Vista support, internationalized keyboard support
Cons: Media key support requires manual setup, limited multiple monitor support


Tight VNC
Pros: Full multiple monitor support, Automated media key support, simpler setup
Cons: Limited Vista Support, no internationalized keyboard support

Step 2 Installing Jaadu Connect
Use Advice Given

Step 3 Running Jaadu
Connect to PC

If you have a Mac Operating System
Please visit

Step 1 Enable Screen Sharing

The Quick Method.
Pros: No separate download, quick setup, supports multiple displays
Cons: No low-color support, slower refresh, no support for media keys


The Recommended Method.
Pros: Fast refresh, low-color support, media & volume key support
Cons: Download required, does not support multiple displays

Step 2 Install Jaadu VNC Connect
Use Advice Given

Step 3 Running Jaadu
Connect to Mac

I'm not sure if this would work on the Linux Operating System but i bet someone could try it out and tell me about it so i can update this to inform people. So comments are welcome

Step 3: Support

If you have any problems with this software please visit the support of this software and look under Setup Guides or Troubleshooting.

Support page

If they can not help you with your problem you can leave a comment and I'll try to do the best i can to help you.

Please try to leave positive feedback and tell me what you think of this App.

Here is a Short Video showing you how to launch and use Jaadu Connect