Introduction: Convert Your Paper Boat to a Motor / Speed Boat.

Here is a very simple and easy way to make your own paper speed boat. You can convert any origami boat to a motor boat using this simple battery operated mechanism.

Step 1: Steps

You need

1>three small piece of plastics sheet. Dimensions are given in the image.

2> one empty pen refill

3> one 3V small DC motor

4> one AAA single battery holder and one battery. wire, connector pins.

5> some tools like cutter, pin, knife, soldering iron, candle.

Once you have the plastics sheets bend the bigger most plastic like "L" using a candle. Follow the video given below.

Then glue the two L shaped plastics facing each other as show in the photo.

Fit the pipe to the motor shaft tightly and then glue in on the plastic as shown in the picture. Make sure the shaft is freely rotating. glue a small piece of thermocol at the bottom of the base.

take the smaller piece of plastic, heat it up and at the center twist in opposite direction to make the propeller. Then using a pin, glue it to the pipe.

connect the battery with the motor. make sure about the polarity. Or alter the polarity if the boat moves backward.

make an origami paper boat and fit this motor mechanism on the boat. Then play with it on water.

Step 2: Video Instruction

To watch the video click here