Introduction: Easy BEGINNERS Guide to Making a "BIODIESEL" Powered Car

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Most People Don't realize A diesel engine can run on used deep-fryer oil

This by no means is a perfect method, or the best way to do it, just an easy Way to learn for beginners to get into this. Consider it a first step to living a GREENER life.

(this instructable is a continuing WIP so the more we share and learn the more it will be updated, please try to keep the criticism "constructive")

Step 1: Must Have a Deisel Engine

As far as i know all diesel engines are capable of this. So if your car runs on diesel you're in luck.
Heres the v-dub tdi (turbo diesel injection) but others i know that have been done are Mercedes, Seat, Volvo, dodge, Chevy, Ford, Toyota, ect ect ect ect

So even if you don't have a diesel car, Take the one your driving now and trade it for a diesel car, its an investment in the earth and our future.

Step 2: Modifications?

The best part is there is no absolute need for any engine modifications, So really this can be a way to instantly start getting free fuel and saving the planet at the same time. Captain planet would be proud of you.

There are available mods you can buy or make, but aren't necessarily required. If you have the money to spend, then by all means go ahead.

Depends where you live, if it gets cold, think about a fuel tank warmer for the grease will start to solidify clogging your fuel lines and such. But an eaasy way around this is to run a mix of regular diesel and your bio-fuel to keep your fuel in liquid form.

Step 3: Getting Bio-deisel

So all you really need for bio-fuel is filtered deep-fryer grease, If you live in a moderately sized city this can be obtained easily. I live in a little place called Boise Idaho and there are people offering free grease on craigslist weekly, and you can even hit up local fast-food vendors. They usually have a big stinky tank of it out back and usually have no objection getting rid of, you'll just need to get some big barrels or drums to put it in.

Step 4: Filter the Grease

Basically what your gonna try to do is strain out all the little pieces floating around, I tried lots of filter methods. You can spend money on filters made for this but i found using a piece of thick cloth used as a screen over a bucket can work fairly well, it just might take a few times going through depending on what sort of fabric you use, but feel free to try other filtering methods. This can get messy but you'll learn techniques soon enough and will have it down to an art.

Step 5: Global Impact

The coolest thing about running Bio Diesel is that no wars are fought over the oil, it's organic, domestic, supports our economy, its a renewable resource, and it cuts almost all of a diesel vehicle's emissions by more than 50%

Step 6: Enjoi

Fill er' up,
You are now driving a cleaner, healthier, GREENER vehicle.

So if you drive a diesel vehicle I hope you take in how easy this is and how much of an impact this can have if everyone follows suit and helps with the big problem. So even though it's not 100% Eco-friendly and the fact that this one act wont change the world, It's a step towards the final goal. Everyone has to play their part.


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