Introduction: DIY Flash Diffuser With Hundreds of FREE Color Filters

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Want to diffuse the flash and add some color to your photos at the same time? This quick and dirt-cheap trick will get you there.

Take pictures in hundreds of different colors using free filters

Flash diffuser that holds colored filters, and showing you how to get HUNDREDS of free gel inserts!!!! to take color altered photos

All these pics have NO out of camera modifications, just a colored flash

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Step 1: Preview of Finished Product

this is what we'll be making today.

Step 2: What You Will Need to Make the Diffuser/gel Holder

translucent white film canister, razor, super glue,

Step 3: Make Your Diffuser

This is really the only thing you need to do, and its easy, cut a slot in your canister just big enough for your pop up flash to snugly fit into.

Step 4: Make a Slot in the Cap to Fit the Colored Gels.

depending on the size of your gels, the length will vary. Use your glue to gently glue the lid back on with the lid slots facing out.

Step 5: FREE Colored Gels, 100's of Em

Seriously i haven't counted them but theres HUNDREDS, and they're 100% free.

they send these out as samples

first off is apollo: and make sure you check "Apollo Gel Swatch Book (single)"

then is Lee"
check "swatch book"

These took about a week to recieve

*UPDATE* the Rosco filters arrived earlier this week. 5 months after i ordered them...
Bad form rosco.......bad form

Step 6: Insert the Gels

Insert the gels, try to get them as far from the flash as possible as some colors may warp under the heat of the flash

Step 7: Take Pics

take pics. Preferably of hot chicks, digg it? So these were all taken with the same setting in a mostly dark room, f3.5 1/60 sec iso400. shots outside at night are particularly interesting.
A lot of the deeper blue(congo Blue) or purple(ultimate Violet) colors make weird shots with plants showing up in red hues while everything else is blue with a pink sky.

*UPDATE* After much time playing with these, I think I have found one of the best applications of using these. Taking the pics in different colors, then when they are changed to a B&W photo, some REALLY cool effects have been coming out, yellow and red seem to have the most effects so far.
Play around and post your results. Ill try to add some of mine in the near future

ALSO if you need a remote trigger for your camera, check my other instructable


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(NOTE: model is not meant to be provocative or offensive in any way, just a great example of white against black for you, the reader to understand what sorts of color changes are possible)
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