Introduction: Convertible Shrug

You can make this shrug in any length you want following the same process

Step 1: Videotutorial

The step by step is bellow with diagrams or Watch the videotutorial for more details. Subscribe to my youtube channel for more videos like this :)

Step 2: Fabric

For a medium length shrug i used 1 mt of fabric with 1.50 mts width

Step 3:

Fold your fabric by the middle in horizontal way

Step 4:

Now fold it again in vertical way, that will give you a rectangle with 4 layers of fabric

Step 5:

in the base of the rectangle you have 2 folded pieces of fabric, in this side, mark 1/4 hips for a medium or long shrug or 1/4 back for a short one, also mark the other measurements im showing you in the diagram.

Sew the curved line and the top part of the sleeve.

Step 6:

you can make a short shrug also, only change the size of everything and the length of the sleeve to get a smaller piece.