Introduction: Cookies and Milk Cup

This is a great snack cup it holds your cookies and allows you to dip your treats into the milk.

** It may also be used for Crackers and Soup** If you are craving savory and not sweet!!

Step 1: Gather Your Tools

We will be making a cookies and milk cup. For this project you will need: A chunk of pottery clay, a needle tool or tool to cut the clay with, wire tool, Slip (water and clay mix), fabric, rolling pin, water and small sponge.

Step 2: Roll Out a Slab of Clay

Cut a chunk of clay off with the wire tool. Using your hands flatten the clay to about a 1/2 an inch thick. Lay it out on the fabric, fold the fabric over top of the clay. Using the rolling pin smooth and flatten until the clay is about 1/4 inch thick.

Step 3: Cut the Clay Shapes

Using your needle tool cut the clay into four shapes. A circle for the base of the cup, a crescent for the cup edge (cookie plate), a long narrow rectangle for the handle, and a long rectangle for the cup body.

Step 4: Slip and Score

As you prepare to assemble your pieces together. You will score (scratch up) where the pieces will join. Then you will add slip (a mixture of clay and water) to the areas you have scored. This will allow them to attach and stick together. You will attach the long rectangle (cup walls) to the circle (cup base). After smoothing out the edges where you joined them together, you will do the same to the crescent (cookie plate). ** waiting to attach the handle**

Step 5: Smooth Out the Clay

Now you will smooth out the clay. You will do this before attaching the handle as it can be delicate and you will want to make sure the cup is to your liking before adding the handle. Using a damp sponge you will smooth out any areas that are rough. Making sure to not add moisture to the clay.

Step 6: Add the Handle

Slip and score the areas where the handle meets the cup, attach and smooth out the connecting pieces. After connecting the handle do a final but careful look over and smooth out any areas you may have missed. Now you have a completed cup.

** you will have to let it dry several days before taking it to get fired**

Once fired it will need to be glazed and then you will have a beautiful cookies and milk cup.

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