Introduction: Cooking on an Open Fire Without Utensils

In this instructable I a going to show you how to cook on an open fire without utensils (no frying pan or saucepans). 
What you need:
-Tin foil/ silver foil
-Sharp Knife

Step 1: Fires

Before we start you need to be cooking on embers not flame. Flame=bad.  Embers=good.
There are many different fires but they all eventually collapse and the embers need to be spread . My favourite is a pyramid fir e but it is just personal preference. Don't use gasoline or diesel to start the fire , the fumes can go into your food and make it taste horrible.

Step 2: Making Utensils

This all depends on what you want to cook. You should use green wood cut fresh from the tree, hazel is very good because it grows straight without many notches and it will not poison your food.
- To Cook sausages get a piece of straight wood about 6-8mm thick , and strip the end of the stick of bark about 10-15 cm. Sharpen this to a point. Press the sausage onto the point lengthwise. Suspend above the fire, suspend this about 6" above the embers and rotate regularly.
-To cook something  in a can, open the can lid or better ,take it off (stops it exploding) and take the label off. Cover the top of the can with silver foil and place at the edge of the fire.
-For roasting, find two forks of wood ,roughly the same size as each other and stab them in the ground at either end of your fire. Take a straight branch about 1.5-2" thick and shave the bark of the middle. Spear the animal thought he backside and out the other side. Place on the forks and rotate regularly.  

Step 3: BackWood Cooking Ideas

Some Basic Cooking Idea's:
1. Orange Eggs - Take an orange and cut the top 1/5 of it off and scope out the centre, then throw this away. Crack an egg into the hole in the orange and replace the top. Poke a stick through the lid centre diagonally so it keeps the lid on and doesn't touch the egg. Place at the edge of the embers and it will cook the egg.
2. Toast- the same as a sausage , you can work out how to attach it.
3.Kebabs - take a sharp stick and spear several cube of meat and vegetables and then roast above the embers.