Pill Survival Kit

Introduction: Pill Survival Kit

This is my pill survivall kit. This kit will provide your basic needs in a survival situation. All you need is:
A flint and steel
A knife
A fishing Float
Some cotton wool
2 fishing hooks
Garden wire (can be strip and used as snare wire)
Antiseptic Wipes
Some plasters or band aids
Paracord 2 water purification tablets (i left these out of the pictures)
A pill capsule or similar

After getting these items pack the paracord into the top half  and the other items into the bottom except the garden wire, close the capsule and warp the wire around the outside. volia. you have a tiny survival kit.

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    9 years ago on Introduction

    actually that knife is if I am right is a 1995 US army made camillus--- I have one


    9 years ago on Introduction

    Basic need in a survival situation are:
    - stay worm
    - get water to drink
    - get out of troubles and/or get rescued

    I'd definetly put some more fire starting tools, a better knife and a WISTLE.
    Stuff for getting food you don't really need it