Introduction: Cool Carved Mushroom Knife From Scratch

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If You loves mushrooms, You probably would want the custom, carved, stainless knife for cutting them in the forest.
So, here it is! :) To make such thing You don't need any special things and gift. Let's start!

Step 1: Making the Carved Handle

First the handle. You need to chose pretty dense wood, which allow You to make detailed shapes in it. Pine is for example bad choice. Try some hardwood as oak, beech or even birch.
Start by drawing the desired shape on the handle. It not have to be one mushroom at the top. It could be... two mushroms ;-) or anything You wanted which could be placed on such tiny place at the top of the blade. Then start carving via the markings. One rule: do not work acros the grain

Step 2: The Blade

For the blade You don't need to use something special. It is for mushrooms so it even not have to be very sharp. I've used old kitchen knife's blade which was also very elastic. It is a good property because elastic blade is safer in case of accident in the forest.
Cut the blade in curved shape. Such shape will work better during cutting mushrooms than ordinary blade.

Step 3: All Toghether

Blade is ready, hanlde is ready, so it's time to glue the blade into the handle. Use a poliurethane glue for that. The hole for the blade could be made with simple dril. After gluing You probably end with some holes around the blade. Make some wood dust, add some wood glue and You will get a putty to cover the holes.

Step 4: Staining

Staining is the most satysfying part of the project. Use wood stains, best are those based on oil (but not oil paints).
Then put 1-2 final layers of laquer as a protection of color.

Step 5: The End

That's all. Now Your knife is ready for the mushrooms.

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