Introduction: Cool, Cold Lemon Sherbet

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What is a Lemon Sherbet?

A Lemon Sherbet is a hard, lemon-flavoured Muggle sweet that is filled with fizzy sweet powder. Lemon Sherbet is a light and refreshing frozen treat. It has a tangy sweet lemon flavor with a texture that is both creamy yet slightly grainy. The best way to describe it, is to say it's a cross between an ice cream and a sorbet. You can serve Lemon Sherbet as they do in fancy restaurants as a palate cleanser between courses.

When I saw that their is an frozen treat contest, then I thought to make a Lemon sherbet, which is very easy to make and tasty to drink. Lets start our sherbet!


1 Lemon
2 Glass
3 Salt
4 Sugar

Step 1: Adding Main Ingredients in Sherbet

Take some cold water and pour it in the glass, now cut a lemon in two pieces and squeeze both the lemons in the water, to make water sour and to give a great taste in water follow next steps given!

Step 2: Giving a Great Taste to Sherbet

After adding lemon in the water, in order to make it tasty, add one teaspoon sugar in the water.Then add half teaspoon salt in it.

Step 3: Making Ready to Drink

Now properly stir the the mixture of sherbet and if you want more taste in the sherbet then you can add 2 leaves of mint in sherbet, it is not necessary to add mint in it. Finally add some ice cube in the sherbet.

Step 4: Our Lemon Sherbet Is Ready

Now, our COOL, COLD SHERBET, is ready to enter your mouth with great freshness.After you make you sherbet using my recipe, then take a sip and comment, how you made it and also please VOTE me if you liked my recipe of sherbet. Thank you very much!