Introduction: Cool Oragami Christmas Tree Ornaments

Some images enlarged for better viewing

Step 1: Materials


Popsicle sticks

12 pieces of paper (square)


Step 2: Let the Folding Begin: Step 1

Start by folding the square piece of paper in half. Then open and fold the edges (left and right) onto the middle crease

Step 3: Step 2

Next open just the left flap. Fold the top right corner down to the farthest crease possible so that it looks like this.

Step 4: Step 3

After that, repeat the last step except using the bottom left corner this time. Fold the bottom left corner into the little pocket so that it looks like the picture

Step 5: Step 4

Flip the entire piece over

Step 6: Step 5

After you flip it , tuck the corners in so that it forms a rhombus and looks like that. Once you've done that fold the bottom and top corner so the entire figure forms a square.Then fold that square in half on the crease so that it looks like a triangle

Step 7: Repeat

Repeat steps 1-5 until you have nine pieces . It you want it to look like mine you will need 3 orange papers(or whatever color you chose) and 9 white papers

Step 8: Lets Get Connected

The pieces should slide together easily without much effort. First take six pieces and slide them together in a patern of up and down, left to right, up and down, ect. Do so until i forms a ring like this

Step 9:

Put the ring off to the side and grab the last three more pieces.

Step 10:

Just like before slide them together one piece at a time. This time they should form a pyramid with pieces sticking out the side like in the picture. Do the same thing with the last three pieces

Step 11:

This is what you should be left with.Now you take one of the pyramids and put it on top. The three flaps should line up with three pockets, and that's where they need to be inserted.Once you have one pyramid on flip the figure over and do the same thing with the the other

Step 12:

Once you've tucked all the flaps into the corresponding pockets your almost finish!now just tie the rope around the Popsicle stick tightly. Open a small hall at one of the corners and stick the Popsicle stick inside. Tie a loop at the end of the string so it can be hung on the tree.

Step 13: Finish

Now your all done. If you have any questions please leave a comment, and i'll be sure to try and help you out. Also check out my other Instructable to see an improved version

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