Introduction: Cool Paracord Backpack Handle

Step 1: The Bag

First of all find a bag handle that you would like to put the cobra weave onto ..... I used my school bag

Step 2: Length

You then need you get the paracord I used around 7ft of paracord for my handle which should be the same for yours

Step 3: Hot Stuff

Burn off the end to stop the paracord from fraying .... Make sure your under parents supervision when using a match or fire source

Step 4: "finding Nemo"

Find the middle of the cord

Step 5: One Small Step for Man

Then do a normal knot and knot it onto your handle (make it tight )

Step 6: The Cobra Weave

The weave isn't hard but you need to understand it to be able to do it ...... First step pull the right cord over the handle leaving a hole on the right .... Then pull the left one over the right one and under the handle and through the cord ... Then pull it tight ...... Then do it again but for the opposite cord and so on and so on

Step 7: Keep Going

Just keep going until your desired length

Step 8: Done

Once you have it to your length then just make sure the final knot is very tight then just burn the end down (without burning the bag like i did hahahaha) ....... Comment what you would like to see next :) hope you like this instructable ;)

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