Introduction: Personalized Xbox Controller

This is a nifty project you can do if you are bored with your old Xbox or PS4 controller.
It is a cheap project that only takes 1-2 hours.

Step 1: What You Need

You will need 
Spray paint (What ever colour you want)
An old Xbox controller 
A dust mask 
A paintbrush 
*Spray pain is toxic make sure when spraying you are in a well ventilated area and you are wearing a mask

Step 2: The Hard Stuff

To spray paint the individual pieces you will need to isolate each piece, to do that you will need a T8H torx screwdriver. Which is the specialist Screwdriver for the controller (If you don't have you here is a link to buy one: ) Just take the controller apart, I didn't think I needed to go into much detail as it is a simple thing to do. Two thing's, Be careful with the circuit as it is prone to breaking and once you broke the controller warranty on the controller is it void to refund to Microsoft (Hence why i used an old one) 

Step 3: Spring Cleaning

The controller I used was one that has been neglected so over time it gathered dust and just crap and this can have an effect when you spray paint it as the dirt will still be able to fall off so you need to make sure that the controller is clean. Then (Depending on the circumstance) you make have to sand down some lump of excess plastic, this is the main reason why I neglected it as it didn't feel natural despite it is genuine. Good one Microsoft 

Step 4: Getting Close

Now you have your individual front face you can string it up onto the wall or box suspended ready for spraying, making sure its well ventilated and your wearing your mask. With soft gentle sprays cover the controller with the paint making sure you don't smother it with the stuff as it will make bumps and it will look bad. Let the Paint dry then do another layer then stop this step until you feel that your controller is at it's optimum coverage 

Step 5: Double Check

Make sure it is fully dried before you handle it as you then can smudge the paint or put fingerprints on it. Now you need to think what design you want to make. for my design I used some gloss paint to paint my friends name onto the controller as I made the green one for him, where as the purple one I didn't want to paint as i though it look good enough by its self, so I just decided to paint his name on the controller, for this step I recommend that you lightly outline what you will paint first as a guide line being careful not to mark the paint. Then just paint away

Step 6: Final Coat

I wanted to make this extra special for Stuart so I decided to spray an extra layer of glitter (manly I know) But It looks amazing so I did that, so I guess you can too, this is just a whole personalisation for the controller so how ever and whatever you want to put on it you can so let the world be your oyster as they say.
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Stay Awesome Guys <3

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