Introduction: Cool Pen in 5 Minutes

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Summer is almost over! Back to school season is here and everybody is getting excited about it!

When my daughters were in Elementary School they enjoyed preparing all their notebooks, pens and colors to go back to school.

Now I see that same excitement in my granddaughter! I created this pen and she simply loved how it looks! She cannot wait to show it to her friends!

Step 1: Gather Your Materials

You need:

  • one simple pen
  • washi tape in the design you like
  • scissors

*you may use hot glue gun if the washi tape adhesive is not very strong

Step 2: Roll Washi Tape Over the Pen

Roll washi tape from top to bottom. Every time you go to the bottom you should ensure that you tape a little bit of the previous layer.

Step 3: Cut +1cm in the End, Glue End

When you get to the end of the pen, cut one additional centimeter. Use hot glue gun to ensure it keeps super strong.

Step 4: Ready to Go Back to School

Your pen is ready! You can repeat this process with many pens and many designs of washi tape!

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