Introduction: Cool & Simple Duct Tape Belt

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This is a tutorial for making a belt with standard duct tape. However, there are many patterns and colors of duct tape available. You might want to try some exciting colors!

Step 1: Gather Your Supplies


1. A belt that fits you (as a guide for length)

2. Duct tape

3. Two key rings (about the width that you would like the belt to be)

4. Sharp scissors

Step 2: Cut and Adhere Duct Tape

1. You will need two pieces of duct tape for the main part of your belt. Use your belt that fits you as a guide for the length of the duct tape. You probably should make the duct tape pieces a little longer than the belt, just in case. You can always cut it shorter if you need to. 

2. Once you have cut your pieces, lay one on a flat surface (sticky side up), then carefully lay the second piece on top (sticky side down).

Step 3: Trim the Excess Off the Ends

You want the duct tape to not have any sticky sides visible. Be sure not to cut too much off, or your belt might be too short and you will have to go on a diet. ;)

Step 4: Mark the Belt to the Desired Width

Draw a line to mark where to cut.

You probably don't want to make the belt much wider than your key rings.

Step 5: Trim the Belt to the Desired Width

Carefully trim off the excess, cutting along the line you drew, so the belt is as wide as you would like.

Step 6: Attach the Key Rings

Take the key rings and put a small piece of tape through both rings.

Attach them to one end of the belt.

Step 7: Trim the Other End

Trim the end into a smooth, rounded shape.

Step 8: You're Done!

Enjoy your new belt!

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