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I was trying to come up some interesting frig magnets since I had some neodymium magnets so I thought what would I want, then it hit me "TOOLS" of course. So I made some tiny tools and of course a tiny tool box to put them in, I hope you have some fun with and share them with someone special.

Step 1: Download the File

First download the file and open it in your laser software, select all and set the file size 230 mm x 120 mm, and every will scale for 3 mm ply.

Step 2: First Cut

The file is setup to make two tool sets for a reason. Make the first pass a high speed low power cut just to draw the fine details, the second pass setting set to cut all the way through and the third pass turned off for now. When the laser stops turn off the first two layer and turn on the third to engrave, but before you run it again flip the tools over and place them in the voids of the tools on the opposite side (see picture), run. If you don't have 6 mm round magnets then you can disregard flipping the tools over to engrave on the back

Step 3: What Else You Need

You will need 3 MM ply, white glue, and some E6000 or gel-superglue, 6 MM round magnets,(other magnets can be substituted, but they will have to be small.) I also used some self sticking magnetic tape for the back of the toolbox, and a craft knife.

Step 4: Glue Time...

Glue the box together with white glue as shown remembering to fasten the handle before gluing the last side. Glue magnets in place with a gel type glue, not sure but regular superglue might just soak in the chard wood. Turn tool over and press the magnet into the the voids.

Step 5: Magnetic Tape

Cut tape by scoring with a knife and folding it along the cut until it breaks, peel of the backing and stick to the back of the box. If you don't have magnets to fit your tools you might cut same small pieces of the mag-tape to fit. This tape is not very strong and a small piece might not hold the tool but you can try.

Step 6: Looking Good.

Your done now just place your tools in the toolbox and stick it somewhere. If the natural finish is not your thing, feel free paint them. Felt tip markers as well as gel-pens will do a good job, but can always break the acrylic paints.

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