Introduction: Copper Serigraphy for Valentine's Day

We will see together how to create a personalized and original gift for your young lady. This is a picture frame with a serigraphy on a copper electronic plate all with backlighting. One thing is sure, it's not every day that we see that.

Step 1: Materials

For starters, we will need some materials:

  • 2 copper plates 10 * 15 cm
  • 160 smd white LEDs
  • Cold tinning product
  • 1 support two 18650 batteries
  • 110 ko resistance
  • Wires
  • Light switch
  • Frame
  • Hot glue

Step 2: Serigraphy

Well, let's get to the realization now, you'll see, it's very easy. Simply make your computer screenprint to the dimensions of your plate.
Here we see the final result. Let yourself be tempted by what makes you happy, no limit as long as it does not exceed the dimensions of your plate. And of course if there is text, do not forget to make it appear in mirror so that it appears in the good sense once transferred on the plate.

For serigraphy itself two choices, either do it yourself with one of the many tutorials available. What I did for my part with an iron, and that, worked very well. Or use online China services, we now find affordable professional quality.

Step 3: Create the Backlight

Same for the backlight, as you can see the principle is quite simplistic and can be rehabilitated with the use of a led strip for example.

A custom plate for LEDs with a resistor and a switch all connected to two lithium batteries.

Step 4: Assembly

Then comes the assembly of all with a sufficiently large frame size.

And here is the result, a unique and original gift that will ask you something other than a well-filled wallet to express your love. Time and will, there is nothing better.