Introduction: Powerfull Manageable 15k RPM HDD Grinder With Continue Rotation

Today we will create a powerfull manageable 15k RPM grinder with continue rotation for less 5€.

Step 1: Parts Required

- An old SAS HDD 15k RPM
- 12v, 2A step down transformer

- Sand paper

- Double-sided self-adhesive

- Hacksaw

- ESC 30A

- Servo tester

Total no more 5€

Step 2: Mecanic

Open the HDD & remove front cover, actuator & magnetic disc.

Cut the top plate in half and do the same with the bottom plate.

Now take the magnetic disc, cut same size of sand paper & stick it on the disc with double-sided self-adhesive.

You have done the mecanic part, now to go the electronic part.


Step 3: Electronic

Now replace the old hdd controler card with the ESC.
Weld ESC to the motor drive, connect it to the tester and add some hot glue to secure wires.

It's complete, all that remains closed the grinder and connecte to the transformer.

You have now a powerfull manageable 15k RPM HDD grinder.

Step 4: Video and Improvements

As you can see, I put a different sand paper on each magnetic disk so that I can change easily.

And I use a magnet present in the hard disk, place it on the top plate to retrieve the metallic chips.

Later perhaps cut more of the bottom plate and add a power jack.

For French, you can find this article on MIWC