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Introduction: Copper Wire Unicorn Sculpture

Copper wire is an excellent material for creativity. In this instructable I show you how very easy it is to make the copper wire unicorn sculpture. I used wire from transformer. So, I transformed an old transformer :)

P.S. I'm tired of fighting with sites that steal my instructables regardless of the license (which is indicated in the upper left corner). Sorry but I decided to add attribution to my photos. I know it looks a little annoying, but it annoys me even more to see my works under someone else's authorship or for sale.


soft copper wire different thickness: 0.5 mm, 1 mm, 1.5 mm (I used wire from a discarded transformer),


wire cutters,

a paper,

a pencil,

a rubber,

a piece of wood,

a triangle,

a drill,

wood stain,

a saw,

a chisel,

a hammer,

varnish for copper.

Step 1: Sketching

Draw an unicorn.

Step 2: Making the Left Side of the Body

Using the pliers bend the thick copper wire along the contour of the sketch. Do it following the arrows in the photo. (I used wire from a discarded transformer)

Bend another piece of such wire to form first part of a horn.

Step 3: Making the Right Side of the Body

Bend the thick copper wire, forming the second side of the body (see photo).

Bend another piece of such wire to form second part of the horn (see photo).

Step 4: Fixing the Body Parts

Using the pliers weave medium thickness wire to fix parts on the body (see photo). Do per 4 turns of the wire.

Step 5: Connection of the Body Sides on the Top

Join two parts of the horn and weave around it twisted medium thickness wire (photo).

Fold a long piece of thick copper wire in half and fix it around the horn (photo). Then cross two parts of this wire and fix them by weaving around it medium thickness wire (photo).

Leave the ends of this wire long, since with them the sculpture will be fixed on the wood base.

Step 6: Connection of the Lower Body Sides

Fold another long piece of thick copper wire in half and fix it under the head (photo). Then cross two parts of this wire and fix them by weaving around it medium thickness wire (photo).

The ends of this wire will form a tail of the unicorn.

Step 7: Adding Details

Weave medium thickness wire to form hooves and eyes.

Using thin wire make the tail and mane, fix them.

Trim the mane and tail.

Step 8: Making the Base

Use a hacksaw make a rectangular base.

Drill two holes for the wires.

On the back, cut recess connecting the two holes (using the chisel).

Polish and cover with stain. Let it dry.

Step 9: Sculpture Installation

Insert the end of the wire into the holes of the base and fix them (twist together). Varnish it.

Your Copper Wire Unicorn Sculpture is ready. Enjoy the work done.

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