Introduction: Copy(a)cat With Oyumaru

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Oyumaru is a japanese gum that you can mould in the form you prefer.

I use it to copy objects.

Step 1: Materials

You need:

  • Oyumaru bars
  • Fimo and/or chalk or anything you can use to fill the stamp

Step 2: Hot Water

Boil water. You can use a gas burner or the microwave.

I prefer microwave for a lot of reaser (it's cheaper and quicker).

The water to soften oyumaru should be at 80°C (more or less 170°F), but if you boil it (100°C=210°F) and wait a minute, the water would be at the right temperature.

Dip the oyumaru in and wait 2-3 minutes.

Do not touch the oyumaru or the water! Their really hot! Use pliers to take it out.

Put the oyumaru to dry on a cotton piece of fabric (or something that won't leave hair or other on the gum).

Then you can mould it!

If you're good at it, you can mould it by hand.

Step 3: Original

Place the oyumaru on the original piece and press it so they air ball will be squeezed off.

I tried it a lot of times and I can say that the temperature of oyumaru in this phase is safe for hands and for Legos (the minifigure in the photo is Charlie the Cat from my beloved theme Fabuland).

Let it solidify. Once it's solid, you can take the object out and you have a perfect mould!

I've tried with this minifigure and the mould have the point of the detachment of the original Lego stamp. When I did it with Lego bricks, the sign "Lego" was visible :)

Step 4: :)

You can do the mould for the back of the object to copy it 360°. Put the two parts together and fill it with the materials you chose (chalk, Fimo, ect.). Let it dry, then take it out and you have your copy :)

In the photo: Original - copy in Fimo - copy in chalk.

You can reuse the oyumaru! Clean it and dip it again in hot water and start again! :)

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