Introduction: Cork Mouse Ornament

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This craft was fun and easy to do. It does not take long and is fun for all ages. You can create your mouse any way and add any items to make him/her to your liking. Enjoy creating as much as I did!!

Step 1: What Is Needed

You will need the following items:

1. At least 2 Champagne Corks - I purchased a few here (make sure you get the used corks they are cheaper and perfect for this project):

2. Fabric Glue

3. A Razor (Children should be supervised with this craft)

4. Floral Wire (or similar)

5. Wire Cutters (Children should be supervised with this craft)

6. Black Tip Push Pins - I did not see any craft stores that just sold black push pins, I had to purchase a container with black and white pins. (Children should be supervised with this craft)

7. Small Strips of Fabric (for the scarf) - I purchased Dollar Store stuffed animals around the holidays to take the scarfs and use them.

8. Mini Presents - found some at Michael's craft store, not sure if they only sell them around the holidays but if not you may be able to purchase them online.

Step 2: Adding Ears

**Attention: Children should be supervised when starting this step**

First thing to do is cut off the bottom part of one of the corks (two circles for the ears), make sure you cut the cork you will not be using for the body.

Then the cork that you will use for the body, cut 2 small slits on the top of the cork, wide enough for the circles you cut to fit into just a tiny bit.

With the fabric glue, put a small amount in the slits and press the circles in. Use a q-tip to remove glue spill over when placing the ears in.

Let dry for a few minutes before continuing.

Step 3: Eyes and Nose

**Attention: Children should be supervised when starting this step**

You can purchase any type of pins, but make sure they are black tips. If the pins are long cut them shorter so that they do not go all the way through the cork.

Step 4: Legs, Arms and Tail

**Attention: Children should be supervised with starting this step**

Take the Floral Wire and cut 2 pieces around an inch long (these will be your arms). Then cut 2 more pieces a bit longer for the legs. Take your wire cutters and gently bend the one end of each piece into a loop, the leg loops should be bigger then the arm loops.

Then cut a piece about 2 inches (this will be your tail).

There are two options when putting the arms, legs and tail on. You can try and push them through on their own but some corks are harder to do so, in that case you can get a small drill bit to create guiding holes for each appendage.

Once they are in you can take the tail and curl it to your liking. Now your mouse is ready for his/her scarf and present.

Step 5: Finish Him/Her!!!!

The scarf gets wrap around the neck and just tied, make sure that the pattern you use is facing outward, or you can use the fabric glue and fold the scarf in half and keep the pattern on both sides.

For the present, just get one of the arm loops and push the string from the present inside the loop, then to keep it from falling off or being removed, use the wire cutters to close the loop by pressing it towards the arm.

Now your mouse is complete! All they need now is a hook and string for hanging. To make this I used a small piece of floral wire, made a loop (just like the arms and legs), and stuck it through the top of the head between the ears. The string was pushed through the loop and tied. (Please supervise any children when creating the hook and string for hanging your mouse).

Happy Crafting!!!!

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