Introduction: Cork and Acrylic Wine List

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Today, we're making unique wine lists out of our 0.8mm cork sheet glued on a laser engraved TroGlass Acrylic bed. See how acrylic and cork work in a wonderful combination to make this application.

The cork sheets are 36" x 12" in size and come in 4 thicknesses: 0.8mm, 1.5mm, 3mm, 6mm. If you'd like to purchase them please click here:

Materials required (all available at

  • Cork Board 0.8mm (0.03")
  • TroGlass Satin Black 3mm (0.118")
  • TroGlass Clear Acrylic 3mm (0.118")
  • 3M Adhesive Backing

Machine used:

Speedy 400 100W
1.5" Lens
For cork applications, we use a 1.5" lens to reduce residue when engraving and reduce charring when cutting.

Step 1: Processing Our Cork Board

First, we put our 3M adhesive on the back of the cork. Then, we place it inside the Speedy 400 to laser engrave our design onto it and cut it out.

For the cork, plug these settings into your laser machine:

Engrave: 40 power, 100 speed, 500 PPI

Cut: 80 power, 1 speed

Step 2: Processing Our TroGlass Satin Backing

Next, we put the black TroGlass Satin sheet into the machine and engrave our design onto it. So that we know exactly where to position the cork board later, we kiss-cut the back to give us a guideline.

Use these settings for the TroGlass Satin:

Engrave: 40 power, 100 speed
Kiss-cut: 10 power, 3 speed
Cut: 100 power, 0.8 speed

Step 3: Processing Our TroGlass Clear Backing

We repeat the process with our TroGlass Clear acrylic backing.

Step 4: Assembling the Cork Wine List

To finish, we peel off the adhesive backing from the cork and apply it to our back pieces. Use the kiss-cut as a guide to make sure that you put the cork in the right place, since the adhesive is very strong and will be hard to remove later.

Step 5: Finished!

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