Introduction: Glitter Cupcake Toppers

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For this project we're laser cutting and engraving custom made cupcake toppers using glitter cast acrylic.

These Christmas themed muffin toppers are very easy to make, you can either simply engrave and cut them, or kiss cut one colour and then glue the 2nd colour on top.

Step 1: Engrave and Cut the Acrylic

For our simple cupcake toppers you can just engrave and cut the design. The engraving is shown in the artwork files as black fill, while the full cut is displayed as red hairline outline (or the thinnest line in your design software).

For the 2-layer, more complicated design, we simply make the kiss-cut represented by a blue hairline outline. This just scorches the top of our 1st acrylic sheet (bottom layer) so we know where to put our 2nd acrylic sheet (top layer).

We use a Trotec Speedy 360 80w laser. With the following settings:

Engrave : 55 power, 100 speed
Kiss-cut: 20 power, 3 speed
Full-cut: 100 power, 0.8 speed

Step 2: Peel Off the Adhesive

This step is for the 2-layer design, not for the simply engrave/cut method.

At Trotec we offer 3M adhesive backing to all our sheets. You simply peel off the 3M adhesive in order to stick the top layer onto the bottom (where we made our kiss-cut).

If your glitter acrylic is not from Trotec you can use methyl chloride glue that bond acrylic quite well.

Step 3: Glueing the 2 Layers Together

We then place the top layer onto our bottom layer to have a 2-color design.

Step 4: Sticking the Toppers In

Finally, you stick your topper into your cupcake and you're done!

A wonderful application for Christmas or any festive holiday!

Glitter acrylic:

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