Introduction: Glitter Acrylic Christmas Pins

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For this project we're making Christmas pins using glitter cast acrylic.

We place our glitter acrylic into our Trotec Speedy 360 80w laser machine, we then laser cut the acrylic that has 3M adhesive backing. We glue and fit all the pieces together and add our pin on the back.

You can pin these on your favorite Christmas sweater! A wonderful laser application for jewellery and promotional companies.

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Step 1: Cut Out Our Design

We first place our 6 glitter acrylic colours into our laser, the square sizes we cut are all 12"x12".

We proceed to cut at 100 power, 0.8 speed.

Our table is entirely covered for a good down-draft resulting in a clean cut. You can also cover any unused area with masking tape.

Step 2: Assembly - Method 1 - Inlay/Contour

The first method, you can inlay one piece of acrylic into another by contouring your inner pieces to be 0.07" larger than your overall piece. This will insure a tight fit, otherwise if you use the same sizes, the pieces will just fall right through.

Step 3: Assembly - Method 2 - Dual-Layer

The second method of assembly is the dual layer method. We have a bottom and top layer(s) of acrylic. We kiss-cut our bottom layer with 20 power, 3 speed, basically scoring the top of the acrylic - this is to know our position of where to place the top layer.

Once we cut out our top layers we peel off the 3M adhesive backing and simply glue it on our bottom layer.

Step 4: Adding the Pins

Finally we attach our pin by pealing off the adhesive backing and sticking it to our acrylic.

Glitter acrylic:

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