Introduction: Corner Bookshelf for Kids.

I'm a big fan of shelves. My kids have a ever expanding collection of books and more shelves were in order. I was inspired by another Instructable similar to my design. Just do a search for "corner bookshelf" and you will find it. My idea called for a taller version though. I thought it would be difficult to have a 7' shelf of this type so I added dowel struts to help support the weight. Perhaps I could have done it without the struts but I think the struts made it easier and would get the job done. It's made of pine boards because I was going to paint it. The joints are biscuit joints, two to a board corner. The dowels are glued into 1/8 " holes . I used a portable type table saw to do most of the cutting of the boards. I used a few clamps to hold each level together  for a day before I added the next one. I made this bookshelf up as I went along. Really , I should have planned it out ahead better and done all the board cuts at once so my boards were more identical. I think the cuts are good enough, maybe within a 1/16" or so, but planning it all out and cutting all the parts in the beginning would have kept the boards more consistent. I read /found out about table saw crosscut sled during the making of this shelf, maybe that would have helped too. I may try to make one in the future.  

Anyway, my kids , especially my 3yo girl, love the shelf and so does my wife. Hope this gives someone else who needs shelves some ideas.   

Step 1: Just Add Levels.

Up it went , level by level. I did a level every other day or so. Took about 10 days to complete. Glued up a level , clamped it down , then let it sit for 24+ hours. It ended up 7' high. Then I prepped it for painting. Sanded 150, 220 then 400 grit. Painted with a primer. Then several coats of paint. Then a lite clear polycrylic spray. 

Step 2: Install It .

Here it is up against the wall. I removed some trim along the bottom the the wall and re-spread joint compound over the rough plaster. It is pretty tight in the corner but I attached a furniture restraining strap at the top to give it a bit more insurance against falling over.

So there ya go, another bookshelf .