Corpse Bride Makeup Tutorial-8 Easy Steps




Introduction: Corpse Bride Makeup Tutorial-8 Easy Steps

I simply love Corpse Bride. There are many corpse bride tutorials over the internet but here is an extreme easy low cost tutorial to share.

Step 1:

Using Crazy Halloween circle lenses; GEO CPF1 create Emily's look from the corpse bride. You need just a pair of white lenses, some foundation which you normally use for routine makeup, blue pigment and other basic makeup items

Step 2:

Paint your face blue using regular paints or by mixing blue pigment in your foundation.

Step 3:

Cover your whole eyelid using jumbo white pencil. Cover your eye lashes too until they are white

Step 4:

Make a crease with blue eyeshadow and blend it well

Step 5:

Apply false eyelashes as shown

Step 6:

Apply old pink lipstick

Step 7:

Define cheeck bones and make marks like emily. You are done now

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This is so awesome!! I have blue hair and I'm dying to go to at least one party this year dressed as Emily. This is perfect; i'll totally be using this. Thanks for the epic makeup tutorial! I'm pretty sure that if I tried to do this on my own it would look like I fell into some blue paint mixed with flour.