Introduction: Emma Watson Inspired Makeup Tutorial

Emma Watson gained fame from the famous Trio of Harry Potter. She later on grew up into a beautiful lady who is not only charming and sexy but cast surprising innocent looks at the same time that spice up everything. Emma Watson's high cheek bones along with the beautiful contrast of her warm hazel eyes against fair skin tone makes her look different from other holly wood models. 

Here is a makeup tutorial inspired by her makeup look of " Lancome Campaign" . This makeup tutorial is brought to you by Uniqso in collaboration with cherrybomb 81. Uniqso is an online store of big eye circle lenses that sell circle lenses at affordable rates. 

Step 1: Making a Crease

Put on I Fairy Moe Moe Brown Circle Lenses.
Make a crease with a light brown eye shadow till half of your outer eye corner. Use crease eye shadow brush for this purpose

Step 2: Blend and Blend

Now apply a light beige eye shadow on your eyelid and blend, blend and blend. 

Step 3: Line Your Eyes

With the help of turquoise eye shadow line your eyes with an eyeliner cut brush. You can also use a turquoise eye pencil if you do nt feel comfortable using eye shadow as an eyeliner. 

Line your upper eyelid and lower with turquoise eye shadow/ eye pencil as shown

Step 4: Extend Your Liner

Using same shade extend your eye liner to create a cat eye look.

Step 5: Create a Big Eye Look

Now using a white eye pencil; line your water line with it. This will open up your eyes, making them look wide and beautiful

Step 6: Apply Mascara

Now apply mascara on your lashes. If you want to try falsies; go for a good natural pai and finish off your lashes with mascara application. Choose a mascara that does not cause clumps.

Step 7: Highlight

Highlight the brow bones 

Step 8: Fill Your Brows

Fill your eye brows and shape them

Step 9: Apply Blush

Now choose a light rosy pink blush and apply it on your cheeks using an angled blush brush. Smile wide and apply blush from your cheeks towards ears.

Step 10: Apply Lipstick

Combine pink and peach lipsticks and get emma like lips

Step 11: Final Look

Here is your finished look. 

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