Introduction: Corvo Mask 3D Printed

This is my Corvo Attano mask which i made for halloween and conventions. It took me about 2 weeks to make it mostly because i was restricted by my class periods.

Step 1: The First Print

To begin this project I first looked for a downloadable file online to print. I began by printing the left side of the skull which took around 12h. Afterwards i printed the right side which took about 10h.

Step 2: Painting It.

After i had all the pieces printed i began to paint and assemble it which took me roughly two class periods. I also began to fit it to my face.

Step 3: Lights Up.

At this point I was starting to finish it all off and add the LEDs to its right eye.

Step 4: Pieces, Assemble!

Now that it was all wired up i began assembling it. I used hot glue for most of it, adding some supper glue for support. I also began the final fitting of it.

Step 5: Cloth and Glass.

At this point i was nearly done with it. All I did was add two projector lenses on the left eye which zoomed in a bit but still allowed me to see. The cloth was a old rise sack that my mom gave me with a layer of red micro fiber behind it. This way it would be both comfortable and accurate to thew game. I also attached a mask harness i removed from a old Paintball mask which had a strap on the back which i used to put thew battery pack for the LEDs.

Step 6: Final Assembly.

I now finally finished it all and was ready to wear it.