Introduction: Costume Horns

Welcome to my tutorial for crafting costume horns the cheap, easy and lightway way!

This design is based on a fanart I will cosplay, but you can freely experiment with other forms and shapes and use the same step-by-step guide

Have fun!

Step 1: You Need..


  • a pencil
  • scissors
  • glue/ hotglue
  • hair circlet(not to thin)
  • cardboard
  • a folder (you need the plastic sheets)
  • paint

And of course - your design!

Step 2: Crafting a Mode

I used some not to thick and not to wobbly cardboard to start crafting. with some glue or tape you can keep the pieces in place to check simple and fast if the build form is what it should look like. And because of doing a model first you can freely cut and alter the form without being afraid to ruin your good material! :)


I tested and tested the size of my horns to fit to me.

Step 3: Templates

After crafting your model and being satisfied with it's shape(YEAH!) you need to cut the pieces apart (AAH o[]o).

Yap.. it's a pity, but what we need is (in my exampel) the 3 sidepieces to create the pattern! (pic1)

Everything 2x:

Ths pattern needs to be traced onto the real deal - the folders plastic sheets. Add about 0,5-1cm border around it to clue the pieces together.(pic2)

Cut out all pieces (pic3) and use a scissor to scribe the outlines of the pieces into the plastic. This way it is much more easier to fold over all the border pieces (pic4) :)

Step 4: Hotglue Action

Tipp: superglue is not really working with this plastic material, so I used hotglue instead and wow this stuff is perfect!

Basically: glue all the pieces together! :)

Step 5: Testdrive With Hair Circlet

Use a tiny piece of left over plastig to close the whole at the bottom of the horns, but leve a whole/slot on top and bottomside to mount your horns onto the hair circlet (pic2)

Your construction should now look like pic 3

Step 6: Painting

Because my horns aresome devilish horns I painted them with black and red acrylic paint. You also can spraypaint! As long as it stays on the plastic :D

Step 7: Finished Horns

And here they are!! Your selfmade easy, lightway and cheap crafted costume horns!!

I wish you good luck with your horns and feel free to ask me for help any time!

Step 8: Visit Me on Facebook - Kion Cosplay

For more crafting and cosplay related stuff love,like and comment at Kion Cosplay on fb!
I'd love to see you come around and talk to me ;)

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