Introduction: Costumes

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This post is to share the fun we have making costumes at home, at work and with others.

Here is one costume we made for my son which we entitled the "Conan the Barbarian" outfit. His broken arm was incorporated into the design.

I have included a photo of my oldest son sewing .... yes sewing is a useful skill for everyone.

Step 1: Costumes at Work

My friends at work like to make costumes.

  • Here are friends showing off an articulated tail and peacock feathers (credits to a circus).
  • Duct tape and plastic can also be used to make a costume. Here is Ian in his Darth Vader satire costume.

Sometimes I invite work friends home to inspire my children to make more advanced costumes. The last photo is of Greg showing us how to make a magneto helmet. (Greg also showed us how to make skeletons using a laser cutter - but that is for another post)

Step 2: Costumes at Home

We like to make costumes at home. If a box arrives at our house it is immediately claimed by one of my children. Here is my daughter making a shark costume that she can run around the house devouring others.

Step 3: Costumes With Others

I always ask for paper from the supermarket as it is easily turned into a "bag head". Sometimes we sit around the house with bags on our head... it is fun if someone visits us.

The last photo is of my Sunday colleague teaching a lesson about a "talking donkey" whilst wearing a donkey head. The best words to describe my colleague and friend is "long suffering".

Making costumes with others, out of a variety of materials, really is a lot of fun,