Introduction: Cotton Candy Clay Bunny and Crazy Unicorn

In these steps I will be showing you step by step on how to make a dusty or cotton candy looking bunny and a wildly crazy looking unicorn. These creations are both original designs by me. I also thought since it's summer I would do a summer style for my creations so I went with a bunny and unicorn. I do hope that this tutorial will help you design something quite like this design or perhaps even better. If you have the chance send me a picture of your design, I love seeing other creations.

Step 1: Getting the Supplies

You will need...

  • 6 different colors of clay
  • cutting tool
  • carving tool (optional)
  • puffy paint or acrylic paint (black and white)
  • chalk pastels (any color)
  • paint brush
  • tooth pick

Step 2: Building the Head

Grab your color of clay. In this case I am using white you could also use light pink if you wanted like it is shown in this picture. Then take a chunk of your clay and roll it into a ball. After, take that ball and split it into two unequal separate balls (one big, one small). Set those 2 balls aside for now and take out the rest of the chunk of clay. Now take a little chunk of the clay and make it into a flat but roundish ball. Attach the flat ball to the smallest ball.

Step 3: Making the Ears

Now you are going to take a larger chunk from the extra clay that was in the last step and roll it into a log shape and cut the log shape into 2 separate pieces. Start making a cup like shape into the bottom of each of clay logs.when you are done with both of the ears and making the cup shape it should look like the picture. Then smooth the ears onto the head so you can't see where they were put on. It should look like like the picture.

Step 4: Making the Bunny Look Like Cotton Candy

Now this is the easy part, all you want to do is make a little indention or carving inside the bunnies ears so the chalk will show up darker in the ears. Now continue dusting the rest of the bunnies head but don't worry on getting every spot because we will come back and re-dust it later.

Step 5: Making the Body and Feet

Making the body is going to be easy. First, take the the largest ball from earlier and attach it to the head with a toothpick. It should look like the picture above. Now for the feet. All you need in a chunk of clay to roll into a log. Once that is completed cut the log into 4 separate pieces and start making them into cone-shaped legs. And start making indentations for toes in the wide part of the legs as shown in the picture.

Step 6: Putting on the Legs,Dust, and Tail

When you are putting on the arms and legs you need to make sure that they are going to stay on. So that means you need to smooth out the the arms and legs so they blend in and to stay, like what I just said. Now for dusting the bunny. All you will need is the chalk with a cutting tool to cut off the dust. Now take your paint brush and paint or dust the bunny just how you did the head. Continue doing that throughout the bunny until the whole thing is the shade of color you want it to be.Now for the tale. Just take a small ball of clay and start texturing it like fur until you have it like you want and attach it to the bunny with a toothpick and dust the tail.

Step 7: Painting and Making a Carrot

Get your black and white paint and make a bunny kawaii face like shown in the picture with a toothpick. Now you are finished with the bunny unless you want to make a carrot. I won't do steps on this but I will show pictures.

Step 8: Making the Unicorn

Now I am try not to drown you in steps because I know this is getting long so I am going to show more pictures than words now. Lets get started.

Step 9:

  • split clay
  • divide the clay (one big one small)
  • shape the big chunk into this shape
  • take separate clay and roll it into a log
  • cut into 4 pieces
  • make a cup shape into the bottom of the leg as last time with the bunny ears smooth it onto the body like as shown

Step 10: Making the Head and Ears

  • Take a piece of clay and round it into this shape
  • Take the extra clay from the neck and take it off
  • Place the head on and smooth it against the body
  • Take 2 smaller balls of clay and shape them like how i have the ears above(make sure there are secure)

Step 11: Adding the Horn and Hair and Painting

Making the horn is very easy, all you need is some copper clay. Now make a cone and carve marks into it to make it look like a horn that you usually see. Place it on the head securely. When you make the hair you take a thick but skinny piece of clay and wrap it around a toothpick. Gently remove the clay from the tooth pick and you should have a perfect curl. Carefully place onto the head with your finger or tool until you are done. Now for the tail, when you place this on it is just like putting on the hair so just do it on the other side. I am not going to be showing images on the painting because I think you get the picture on the final picture.


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