Introduction: Cute Little Clay Robot

I always love making cute little things out of clay. So thats why I am I am making a cute little robot girl. I hope that you enjoy.

Step 1: Supplies

In the supplies you will be needing is silver clay (optional), pink polymer clay, reddish pink polymer clay, a cutting tool, black, white, and pink paint (acrylic paint), any type of accessory (steampunk), and a heart shaped cookie cutter. So there you have it, the supplies for this project.

Step 2: Making the Head

For making the head for this project you are going to need to take out the silver clay. Also you'll be needing your cutting tool, I prefer an X-Acto knife. Now make your silver polymer clay into a somewhat looking rectangle like in the picture shown. once you do that take the X-Acto knife and cut the rectangle in half so now you have two little cubes. Put one cube aside for now and use the other one to make the head. After that trim the edges of your cube so that it looks better and not messy.

Step 3: Making the Body

Now take the extra cube from earlier which you cut off from the giant rectangle. Cut that in half. Take one of the pieces that you just now cut in half and roll it into a ball. Once you have done that, pinch the top a little so it's like a four sided triangle like in the picture shown.

Step 4: Securing the Head and the Body

First you are going to need to break off part of a toothpick. Grab your body and stick the toothpick in it. Once you have done that grab your robot head and stick it on the other end of the toothpick like in the pictures shown. Make sure your head and your body are securely stuck together.

Step 5: Making the Arms

In this step you are going to need to get out more silver clay. Roll it into a ball and then roll it out into a snake looking thing like in the pictures shown. Cut off the ends and then cut off a small section of what you want the arm length to be. Now take one of your arms that you cut and put it next to the extra Clay. This is how you can make both of the arms the same link. Cut them at the same time. You should have two pieces of clay that are exactly the same. Now stick them on the ends of the robot like in the picture shown. Take your dying tool or finger and press them onto the the same thing for the fee but just press them on to the bottom of the robot.

Step 6: Making the Bow

For making the bow you are going to need to take out your pink clay. Roll it in to a snake like straight line like in the picture shown then cut out even sections of three. Roll all three of those into a ball and pick out one and cut off a little section of it so it's smaller than the rest. Pinch the ends of two of them but not the small one. Now flatten the small one just a little bit and take the pink ones at the ends and stick them under. Now make little indentions in the bow so it looks kind of real.

Step 7: Making the Hugging Heart

To make this heart you are going to need to take out your reddish pink Clay. Now get out your heart cookie-cutter this is optional you can do it by hand or use the cutter. Roll out a chunk of your clay and press the cookie-cutter into it. Now you have a heart made out of clay. Press it onto the robots belly and take the arms and wrap it around the heart like in the picture shown.

Step 8: Decorating the Bow

You don't have to do this I just am. Take the little metal heart in place in the middle of the bow. put it into the oven to bake...

Step 9: Painting on the Face

You will need to get out some black acrylic paint this is optional. Get your dotting tool and dip into the black paint. Now dab it onto the face where you want it to be, you can make this as big as you want I made mine a medium size. Do this for both eyes, once you're done take out the smaller dotting tool and dab it in the white paint. Put it on the face like in the picture shown. This will kind of look like a Kawaii face. To finish it up add a smile.

Step 10: Final Results


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