Introduction: Cover a Plain, Boring Desk With No Other Than... Duct Tape!

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Now, we've all been through some times of dull furniture. How would you like to make your room/office "sparkle" with the help of a brand new desk?
... Wow. I sound scarily like an infomercial. Anyway!

NOTE: If you're a kid, and you're not sure if the desk you'd like to improve once belonged to Great Grandpa Thomas in the 1800s, I'd probably go ask my mom/dad/guardian about it.
If you do this project, and they catch you with the ol' "Johnny! This desk was Great Grandpa Thomas' desk from the 1800s! How could you?" Tell them a crazy gal from Instructables told you so.

Step 1: The Fun Part

We're certainly not going to duct tape this desk without clearing it off first.
Step One of Step One: Brace yourself.
Step Two of Step One: Violently (not too violent) discard items on desk. AKA: Move items to floor.
Step Three Of Step One: Congratulate yourself. You have completed step one!
Time to move on.

Step 2: Gather Materials

Congratulations! You have cleared your desk. Bravo. Now, gather your materials as follows.
1: Duct Tape
2: Patience
3: Hands
I chose hot pink, neon orange, and purple.

Step 3: Begin!

So. Here's how we begin. I strongly advise to start duct taping at the end of your desk. The end farthest away from you.
For all of you common sense challenged, read below.
Step One of Step Three: Stretch a piece of duct tape as long as your desk.
Step Two of Step Three. Place duct tape on desk.
Step Three of Step Three: Smooth duct tape.
Then cut.

Step 4: The Boring Part

Repeat step three with your other colors.
Many, many times.

Step 5: If You Decide to Leave Your "work Station" at Any Moment...

and you have animals (rascals) as I do, please, please don't let them have access to the items scattered on the floor. They can, and will take them into hiding.

Step 6: A Few Hours and Awkward Disco Moments Later...

Congrats! Bravo! Voila! You are finished.

Step 7: The Hard Part

Time to put all of your floor mess back where it came from. I'm shuddering in my chair.
Have fun!