Introduction: Cozy Fall/autumn Lanterns

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These lanterns are super simple to make. All you need are some old jars, autumn leaves, mod podge, a glue gun and some thick hemp-string.

Step 1: Mod-podging

- So what you actually want to do before starting is cleaning out your jars properly and remove any labels that may be on them. It is not necessary to get all the glue from the labels away, it wont make a any difference if there is some glue left.

- Next: Put a thick layer of mod-podge, it is best to do a small part at a time. Stick a leaf on to the mod-podged area and add another thick layer of mod-podge on top of the leaf, make sure to press it so it really sticks.

- You can create any type of pattern with the leaves, or just simply cover the whole outside of the jar with leaves. I decided to leave some space in between the leaves so as to let more light through.

- Once you're happy with your pattern, and have mod-podged the whole bit and made sure to press the leaves on, leave the jars to dry. This may take several hours, I recommend leaving them to dry overnight.

Step 2: Time to Glue the Hemp-string.

- For this step I recommend using a thick hemp-string to make this step quicker and easier. The string I used was very thin and it felt like it took forever to get this step done.

- First, make sure your glue gun is nice and warm. Start of with putting a tiny bit of glue on the top bit of your jar, fasten the string to it. Now, place the string around the edge and make sure to glue it stuck here and there. Tiny bits of glue is enough. Repeat this until you're happy with the overall look of the jar. Then cut off the string and make sure to glue the edge stuck.

- This step is purely to make the jar look a bit more rustic. If you don't like this you can just skip this step and keep your jar as it is after having mod-podged the leaves on.

Step 3: Done!

Now all you have to do is put some small candles/nightlights (Not 100% sure this is the right word, in swedish we call this type of candles "värmeljus", they are small and round and set in a piece of aluminum) in the jars, light them up and enjoy a cozy evening in the autumn darkness.