Introduction: Cracks & Cracked Heels - Ayurvedic Home Remedies for Dry Damaged Feet

Not only do cracked heels look unsightly, they can become painful and even bleed if left untreated.

Let’s first see why heels crack. If the feet are not washed and moisturized properly, they can become dry and the skin gets thickened, leading to cracks, especially when the weather is cold. Standing and walking bare feet on hard surfaces can also crack the heels. Very often, open foot wear can only lead to this condition.

So, to prevent heels from cracking and the cracks from deepening, follow these simple steps.

Soak the feet in warm water for about 10 minutes. Dry them thoroughly, and gently scrub with a pumice stone to exfoliate the dead skin. Now massage them well with coconut or olive oil. Cover them with a pair of cotton socks overnight. Make this a nightly ritual till the cracks disappear.

Take 2 cups of milk and warm it very slightly. Now add 1 cup of honey, and mix it in very thoroughly. Soak the feet in this for 10 minutes. For another 5 minutes, massage the feet with the mixture to help the feet absorb it well. Wash the feet well, pat dry with a towel thoroughly, and generously apply a moisturizer.

Till the heels heal, avoid wearing open foot wear and standing or walking for long periods on hard surfaces.

So take care of your feet, not only for the cosmetic appearance, but to avoid the painful condition they can lead to.

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